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Ocun Hawk QD Wire PA 16 5-pack Express Set 5-er...
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Dieses Set empfiehlt sich fürs Sport- und Alpinklettern und bietet ein hervorragendes Preis-Leistungsverhältnis: Das Hawk QD Wire PA 16 setzt sich zusammen aus den Karabinern Hawk Wire mit Drahtschnapper (verhindert ungewolltes Öffnen und Einfrieren) und der extrem strapazierfähigen und 10cm langen Nylon-Schlinge Quickdraw PA 16. Ein Gummi in der Schlaufe hält den unteren Karabiner in Position. Im Lieferumfang sind 5 Express-Sets enthalten.

Stand: 21.01.2021
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OP/TECH USA Compact Sling Gurt Digitalkamera Ne...
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- Non-skid surface- Uses Mini QD Loop for small camera connection area- Compatible with other OP/TECH USA straps- Made in the USAOP/TECH USA’s Compact Sling™ provides the unparalleled convenience of a shoulder sling for smaller point-and-shoot style cameras! The low-profile neoprene shoulder pad features a nonskid surface which secures the pad on the shoulder while the camera freely glides up the strap into shooting position. The OP/TECH USA Mini QD Loop connector attaches easily to the camera with a thin cord loop for tight connection areas and a sturdy 3/8” quick disconnect for easy attachment to the strap. The quick disconnect smoothly glides up and down the 3/8” nylon webbing strap to create the sling effect. The length is fully adjustable and has an additional plastic triglide which serves as a stop so that you can adjust where you want the camera to rest in the lowered position.The Mini QD Loop is fully compatible with OP/TECH USA’s Mini Loop Strap - QD for a more traditional neck strap as well as the Cam Strap - QD wrist strap and the Finger Cuff - QD. This added versatility enables your gear to quickly change along with your ever-changing needs. Experience the freedom and convenience of the most versatile strap system on the market today!

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Stand: 21.01.2021
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